Microgreens Commercial Clients

If you’re a Restaurant, Personal Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, Caterer, Health Food Store, Produce Market or Country Club that’s interested in adding microgreens to your dishes or for resale, you’ve come to the right place!

Below you’ll find our current seed list. These are the seeds that we always have in stock and grow on a daily basis for our clients. If you don’t see something, say something! There are over 100 varieties of microgreens that we can grow. Just reach out to us if you want us to grow something special for you. 

Keep in mind, we’re a “Grow to Order” microgreens farm. We start seeding the day you place your order. Grow times are specific to each microgreen variety so delivery times will be between 10-21 days from when you place your order. It all depends on the seed you select. Some seeds have a fast germination to harvest times while others take much longer.

Complete the contact form below and we will assist you in setting up your order; If you know what you want place your order here:

Clamshell sizes:

4 oz*, 8 oz and 12 oz

*Three (4 oz clamshell) minimum per order

LIVE Tray sizes:

5×5, 1/2 Tray & Full Tray (10×20)

*Two LIVE 1/2 Tray minimum per order

We have 3 Delivery Days during the week; Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

We appreciate the important role your business plays in our community. Stay strong!