Catnip [Palm Coast, Fl]


Catnip, also known as Nepeta cataria, is a perennial herbaceous plant renowned for its intoxicating effect on cats and its usefulness in herbal medicine. This member of the mint family typically grows to heights of 2 to 3 feet, boasting clusters of small, lavender-blue flowers on square stems with aromatic, toothed leaves. Catnip is characterized by its strong, minty fragrance, which is irresistible to cats, causing them to exhibit playful behavior when exposed to the plant. In addition to its appeal to feline friends, catnip has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its calming and soothing properties. Easy to grow in various soil conditions and tolerant of drought, catnip thrives in full sun to partial shade, making it a popular addition to herb gardens and landscapes.

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