Arugula “LIVE” Microgreens


It’s a favorite and generally considered a staple of the spicier side of microgreens 

Lead Time – 2 Weeks

Available Options

LIVE 5x5 Tray$10.00
LIVE 1/2 Tray (4-5x5 Trays) $35.00
LIVE Full Tray (8-5x5 or One 10x20 Tray) $60.00


Arugula belongs to the Brassica family of microgreens that includes cabbage, kale, broccoli, and radish. It has a pungent, earthy flavor and adds visual appeal to any salad. Along with the taste and visual benefits, Arugula packs a nutritional punch that can ward off many diseases and increase bone health. 

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Tray Size

5 x 5 Tray, 1/2 Tray (4-5×5), Full Tray (8-5×5)

Flavor Profile

Peppery | Nutty | Earthy

Nutrient Profile

Calcium | Iron | Phosphorus | Vitamin A & C | Vitamin B2 | Vitamin K | Folate

Shelf Life

10 to 15 Days