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Get a “Clutch of Tomatoes” from TBK Nursery

“Clutch” a collective noun for a group of Tomatoes.

Our “Full Clutch” are 4 Tomato Plants ranging in sizes from 2′ to 4′, supported by a 4′ bamboo stake and in a 3-Gallon Fabric Pot (with handles).

(4) 2′ to 4′ Big Pink Tomato Plants = $10 each $8 each ($8 OFF)

(4) 3-Gallon Fabric Pot = $8 each $5 each ($12 OFF)

Save $20 OFF Retail!

Priced at $52 if you want our 3-Gallon Fabric pots and $32 if you have your own pots to transplant. Delivery is only $3.99 per order and FREE Delivery to “W” section residents.

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